Frequently Asked Questions

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Adindi will always endeavour to obtain the best deals for its customers, however, we will never be the cheapest leasing company in the market as our customer service proposition offers so much more than our competitors….as far as we’re concerned our customers become part of our family and family look after family.

No, our contracts are transparent which gives you the assurance of our Treating Customers Fairly promise.
Adindi offers a broad range of vehicles including new, nearly new or used, manual, automatic, petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles.

We can arrange fully comprehensive insurance as part of your package, Road Tax, Fully maintained packages including fair wear and tear on tyres and are delivered free of charge.

We will replace worn tyres at 2mm, all you have to do is call us, we will take the details of your tyre size, we will then book you in at a time convenient to you and check that the supplier has stock of the tyres required. The appointment will be confirmed and pre-authorised saving you precious time.
Punctures are not covered under tyre maintenance however Adindi offers an optional puncture cover should you wish to add this onto your package.
All our vehicles come with roadside assistance meaning you are covered 24/7 in the event of a breakdown. Once you contact Adindi they will get in touch with the relevant roadside assistance provider and keep in touch with you until they arrive and you are back on the road or being recovered. Adindi does not outsource it's out of hours service, the team provides its own 24/7 which means we are able to offer the appropriate support to our customers.
If your car is going to be off the road for more than 48 hours we will endeavour to delivery a dual controlled replacement vehicle within 24 hours.
If you take insurance out as part of your package, not only does this accrue your own NCB it also has the advantage that we can deal with the claim on your behalf and follow up on temporary vehicles, progress on repairs etc. If you prefer to retain your own insurance, adindi can guide and support you through the processes when dealing with a fault claim as we can happily deal with any non-fault claims on your behalf.
Adindi monitors its customers mileage on a monthly basis this ensures there are no surprises at the end of the contract.  If it looks as though a customer is going to exceed their contracted mileage Adindi will work with the customer to agree an increase in their payments to ensure there is enough money to cover any excess mileage invoices at the end of their contract.
Adindi might be small but we have the best reputation for going that extra mile for our family (customers); Adindi is a friendly family run business who will go beyond to help and assist where required. We’re not just a leasing company - we are family (and we like cake!) We specialise in helping with the transition of going independent.

Our unique selling point is the ability to personalise a package to suit you the customer, with various products and services available. An Instructor can choose from a discounted fuelcard, business stationary, referral vouchers all the way through to a dual-controlled tuition vehicle with personalised livery and logo design including options such as payment holidays, puncture cover, alloy cover and CCTV camera systems.

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